Constructed Wetlands

Constructed Wetlands are natural treatment systems for wastewater and sludge. They represent an innovative, sustainable method in the field of ecological engineering and technology (eco-tech) with multiple technical, economic and environmental benefits.


Compared to conventional treatment methods, Constructed Wetlands possess advantages like:

– reduced investment cost – reduced operation cost up to 80%

– reduced energy consumption up to 90%

– no use of complex and extended mechanical equipment

– no need for specialized staff to run the facility

– enhancement of the green corporate profile and of the corporate social responsibility.


Ecosafe provides integrated solutions to cover the needs of each customer, like:

– sampling taking and water/wastewater characterization

– experiments for the determination and optimization of the system performance with the use of pilot-scale beds for specific/industrial wastewater

– design and studies of Constructed Wetland facilities

– licensing, construction and management of Constructed Wetland projects

– supervision and maintenance program of Constructed Wetland facilities

– monitoring, sampling taking, chemical analyses and evaluation of the treatment performance

– R&D (Research & Development)


Our company develops partnerships and collaborations with research centers, institutes, universities, companies in the same field internationally and industrial/market bodies for the determination of the optimum technological solution and for the exchange of experience and expertise. We participate in national, European and international research projects and conferences which bring together industrial, research and market partners.


In Ecosafe we study and design each application separately, based on the customer needs and the wastewater type and origin, aiming at providing the optimum Constructed Wetland solution in terms of technical efficiency and cost-effectiveness.