Dangerous waste management

The cycle of ECOSAFE services includes the total management of dangerous wastes until their final disposal and the issue of the respective legitimate certificates.


We give special attention to the recovery of recoverable components which are contained in dangerous waste. The recovery procedures ensure your interests and are achieved with onsite treatment in appropriate facilities designed by ECOSAFE.


ECOSAFE is licensed by the Ministry of Environment for all codes according to the European Waste Catalogue (EWC) and is registered in the Register of agencies for dangerous waste management . Applies to all phases of the dangerous waste management the necessary actions provided in Law 1650/86 for the protection of the environment, the Greek regulations ΚΥΑ 13588/725/06 and ΚΥΑ 24944/1159/06 on dangerous wastes and the European regulation 1013/2006 on the supervision and control of transboundary movements of dangerous wastes.