Asbestos Removal

The cycle of ECOSAFE services includes:

  • Visual and sampling inspection to identify asbestos-containing materials. Laboratory analysis of the samples.
  • Dismantling asbestos materials according to Greek regulation K.Υ.Α. 4229/395/2013 [FEK 318/Β/2013] and European Standards.
  • Decontamination of the work sites using certified equipment.
  • Final measurements in workplace’s air according to ELOT EN ISO 17025. Issuing a Certificate for the purity of the place from asbestos fibers.
  • Covering the dismantled asbestos surfaces with new conventional materials friendly to humans and the environment. Materials such trapezoid panels, sheet metal and more.
  • Management, transportation and final disposal of hazardous materials containing asbestos to a legitimate recipient of abroad and issuing the certificate of legal disposal (Certificate of Disposal).


ECOSAFE is licensed by the Greek Ministry of Labour for removing asbestos containing materials according to Greek regulation K.Υ.Α. 4229/395/2013 [FEK 318/Β/2013] and by the Ministry of Environment for further management of these materials, until final disposal.
ECOSAFE is in Conformance with International Standard: ΕΛΟT EN ISO9001:2015, ΕΛΟT EN ISO14001:2015, EN ISO14001:2015 NON ACC, ΕΛΟT EN ISO45001:2018. For more information click here!


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