Industrial Wastewaters

Constructed Wetlands can be applied in a variety of wastewaters with industrial origin for their on-site treatment. Each industrial process produces pollutants of different nature and at varying concentrations. Industrial wastewaters demand a detailed characterization before the selection and design of the appropriate treatment chain. Constructed Wetlands can be applied in various industries like:

  • Construction industry, Chemical industry, Metallurgy, runoff and drainage frommines.
  • Contaminated groundwater in industrial areas, e.g. at refinery sites (hydrocarbon removal).
  • Runoff/drainage from gas storage facilities for methanol removal.
  • Pharmaceutical, tanning, textile industries.
  • Leachates/drainage from Sanitary Land filling sites.
  • Polluted runoff from airport runways.
  • Polluted runoff at sites of industrial plants, factories and distribution centers.
  • Food- andagroindustry: olive mills, dairies, cheese dairies, wineries, livestock farms, piggeries, slaughterhouses, washing waters.