a few words about us

About Ecosafe

Ecosafe, located in Athens capital of Greece, specializes in providing comprehensive services and projects both in industry and in the public and private sector. It has developed a set of reliable partners in Europe and internationally and can cope with the most demanding projects. As a flexible company with a high level of know-how, it can guarantee the success of your projects.
Areas of activity: removal and management of asbestos containing materials (ACM), total management of hazardous waste, Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser services (ADR | RID | IMDG) , engineering studies and supervision, as well as design and construction of technical projects and monitoring of their good operation and maintenance.

Our goals

For over 16 years, the removal and disposal of asbestos containing materials, the management of hazardous waste and dangerous goods, the engineering studies, the construction of technical projects have been integrated and developed in the company meeting the needs of our customers. We are constantly developing our know-how to help our customers improve their quality of life, protecting their health and supporting economic growth.

What are we doing

We always aim to utilize innovative ideas. We set high the bar of our services and offer the best available solutions. We know how to design, communicate and mobilize to ensure the success of our projects. We are committed to continuous development.

Our vision

To contribute to the formation of a sustainable environment. Recognize Ecosafe by our customers as one of the leading companies providing integrated environmental services in industry and in the public & private sector.

Our core values


We take responsibility to our customers and to all parties for the harmonious development of our activities and for the protection and improvement of their living conditions that are affected by our activities. Within the company, our priority is the continuous development and training of our associates and the protection of their health and safety at work.

Respect for people

We recognize that behavior and communication are key factors in developing harmonious relationships and successful projects. Through our code of conduct and the implementation of applicable law, we demand from our associates and encourage respect for all parties.


At the epicenter of our strategy, is the development of innovative services and solutions that will provide added value and upgrade the activities of our customers.

Customer focus

We are constantly improving the quality and efficiency of our services. We listen to the needs of our customers and we are constantly evolving to meet their expectations.

We are committed to contributing to Sustainable Development

We contribute to the goals 3-5-6-8-9-11-13-14-15-17

Sustainable Development Goals