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project design and management, supervision of good operation and maintenance [after sales services]

Integrated services of technical projects

Ecosafe undertakes the design | management of projects and well – running services | facility maintenance, in any industry or public and private sector:

  • Hazardous waste management projects. Specialised services for the total management of hazardous waste, national and transboundary transport in accordance with EC 1013/2006 or the Basel Convention and final disposal/recycling/recovery in a licensed facility abroad.
  • Wastewater and sewage treatment projects with modern technological systems and in particular with the method of Constructed Wetlands. This technology has a wide range of applications in individual houses, hotel units, small and medium-sized settlements, villages, communities, municipalities, especially in remote mountainous, rural and island areas.
  • Solid and gaseous waste treatment projects and units.
  • Complex construction projects of facilities and constructions.
  • Good operation and maintenance services of facilities and constructions.
τεχνικά έργα | σχεδιασμός - κατασκευή

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